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Toast Titantium 5

Toast Titantium 5
Toast Titantium 5




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Release Date: 1/1/2002
Manufacturer: Roxio
Roxio Toast is an Optical disc authoring and media conversion software application for Mac OS X. Its name is a play on the word burn, a term used for the writing of information onto a disc through the use of a laser.

Discs can be burned directly through Mac OS X, but Toast provides added control over the process as well as extra features, including file recovery for damaged discs, cataloging and tracking of files burned to disc. It also provides support for audio and video formats that Mac OS X does not support, such as FLAC and Ogg.

On January 5, 2009, at MacWorld Expo, Roxio announced the release of Toast 10. Toast 10 is a Universal Binary application and requires a PowerPC G4, PowerPC G5, or Intel Core-based or newer Macintosh running Mac OS X v10.5 or later.

Toast was originally developed by Dr. Markus Fest and his company Miles Software GmbH and distributed by Astarte. In 1997, the product was purchased by Adaptec, and later transferred to Roxio (then a division of Adaptec).

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