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AG Group


Release Date: 1/1/1996
Manufacturer: AG Group
EtherPeek is an award-winning Ethernet network traffic and protocol analyzer designed to make the complex tasks of troubleshooting and debugging mixed-platform, multiprotocol networks easy. EtherPeek is designed to be easy to use and offers diagnostic and analysis capabilities expected of a full-featured analyzer.

Features include an Internet attack plug-in; tests for LAND, Tear Drop, Gin, Jolt, Oversize IP, Pimp, Rip Trace, and WinNuke Attacks; a Napster plug-in that pinpoints Napster traffic on your network; global threshold alarms that are now available for any node, protocol, or summary statistic; an enhanced statistics output system that allows exporting of statistics as XML, HTML, or text-based reports; a Log File Statistics bar that shows the number of entries by severity and allows filtering of the log by severity; Sound Notification, which allows user to assign sounds to important network events; graphing of any node, protocol or summary statistic over time; IP subnet filtering using CIDR notation; and much more.

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