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Complete Linux 6.0 (The)

Complete Linux 6.0 (The)
Complete Linux 6.0 (The)

SystemLinux Unix

Macmillan Software

Linux Unix

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Release Date: 1/1/1999
Manufacturer: Macmillan Software
"Macmillan USA's "The Complete Linux(tm) Operating System 6.0" ranked first in retail sales of Linux products in July 1999, outselling its nearest competitor by more than two-to-one, according to figures from PC Data, the computer industry's primary source for software, hardware and video game sales information.

"The product's success comes as no surprise to us," says Doug Bennett, Macmillan USA's president. "It features Linux-Mandrake, named "Product of the Year" by LinuxWorld editors. It is less expensive and includes the documentation and support resources that only Macmillan's authors, some of the world's best Linux minds, can offer."

"PC Data's July figures show 10,445 retail sales for Macmillan's "Complete Operating System 6.0" compared to 4,802 sales for the Red Hat distribution. In all, five of the top-sellers were Macmillan products. These included the "Deluxe Linux O/S 6.0," the "Secure Server Edition Linux O/S 6.0" and Macmillan's "Linux Complete Starter Kit."

Our version is shrinkwrapped so we are not sure how many discs there actually are.

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