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Microware OS-9 v1.2 & BASIC 09

Microware OS-9 v1.2 & BASIC 09
Microware OS-9 v1.2 & BASIC 09

Floppy (5.25")2


Release Date: 7/1/1985
Manufacturer: Microwaer
OS-9 is a family of real-time, process-based, multitasking, multi-user, Unix-like operating systems, developed in the 1980s, originally by Microware Systems Corporation for the Motorola 6809 microprocessor. It is currently owned by RadiSys Corporation.

The OS-9 family was popular for general-purpose computing and remains in use in commercial embedded systems and amongst hobbyists. Today, OS-9 is a product name used by both a Motorola 68000-series machine language OS and a portable (PowerPC, x86, etc.) version written in C, originally known as OS-9000.

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