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Pickle Wars

Pickle Wars
Pickle Wars

Floppy (3.5")1



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Release Date: 1/1/1993
Manufacturer: Perfectware
Pickle Wars is a platform DOS game created in 1993 by Karen Crowther (now Karen Chun) through Redwood Games and published by MVP Software. The script was written by Ellen Beeman. A planet gets invaded by aliens (mainly pickles). The player (alternating between playing a man and a woman) goes on a journey to find hidden weapons. The player needs to collect all the SaladShooters in the level to pass through the exit door. The player can then shoot salad at the aliens, and the aliens will faint. Junk food and pickles are collectible for points, and carrots are for health.

There were three episodes. The first of three episodes, entitled "Invasion of the Pickle People" was shareware. The other two episodes are purchasable. Bobby Prince composed the music.

Episode I: Invasion of the Pickle People

The peaceful planet of Arcadia, inhabited by humans, is attacked by pickles who want to take over the planet. Arcadia has no weapons because there hasn't been any need for centuries. It becomes Dave's quest to go and find a hidden "Depository" of weapons. He finds an old crazy man named Lord Geric who knows of a doomsday device. A character named Linda also comes to find hidden weapons, and becomes playable for the second half of the episode. Dave and Linda eventually find all of the secret weapons. The pickles decide to interrogate one of the humans, and grab Linda in a jar before she reveals the information she has found to Dave.

Episode II: Escape from the Pickle Planet

Linda's escape from the Pickle Planet.

Episode III: The Search for the Doomsday Machine

The pickles get a hold of the doomsday machine and arm it. Dave and Linda must do their best to save Arcadia.

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