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LEGO Island 2: The Brickster's Revenge

LEGO Island 2: The Brickster's Revenge
LEGO Island 2: The Brickster's Revenge

SystemWindows 95/98

LEGO Media

Windows 95/98

6  63338  06564  8

Release Date: 3/30/2001
Manufacturer: LEGO Media
Lego Island 2 The Brickster's Revenge is an action-adventure computer game. It is the sequel to Lego Island, and was followed by LEGO Island Xtreme Stunts. It continues the adventures of pizza-delivering skateboarder Pepper Roni, who once again needs to save the island and the entire Lego universe from the Brickster.

Like Lego Island, there are 'missions' to do, but in this sequel, they should be completed in a linear fashion. The only playable character in this game is Pepper Roni, unlike the previous game, in which multiple characters were available.

After the events of the previous game and Brickster's recapture, Pepper Roni is promised for a new house, on condition that he delivers pizzas around the island. Having delivered enough pizzas to earn his new house, Pepper is told to deliver a pizza to the jail cell at the Police Station. The Brickster uses chilies saved from previous pizzas to form a fiery, hot pizza breath that melts the jail doors to escape, stealing a police helicopter and flying to the Information Center. He steals the Constructopedia, the book containing the blueprints for all buildings on the island, and then scatters its pages through space and time. All of the buildings on Lego Island are deconstructed. Having summoned the 'Brickster-Bots' of Ogel, the Brickster leaves for Ogel Island (an asteroid floating in space that is inhabitated by aliens and Brickster Bots where the Brickster then resides). Pepper then has to hunt down and destroy the Brickster-Bots by throwing pizzas at them. He then begins to locate a few of the pages. With each page returned, a building is re-constructed.

After helping the Infomaniac on Brickster-Bots in the Information Centre, Pepper then ventures through a portal which takes him to Castle Island (it takes him back to medieval times), where the Brickster has deconstructed the bridge; while diving to connect its two halves, he finds the missing brick pieces and is given page by the citizens which the Brickster dropped. He then engages in a joust to get the Bulls' flag back which was to get a page up the Bulls' castle flag hoist, in which is used as a substitute flag. Before getting the page, he has to engage in a cannon battle against one of the Bulls; Cedric the Bull.

Pepper returns home, collects more pages, then after deputised to be authorised in using the police chopper, flies through another portal to Adventure Island, where he meets Johnny Thunder and his colleagues, Miss Pippin Read and Dr. Kilroy (Johnny Thunder is a Indiana Jones like reference character). With them he defends gems from snakes, recover a page from the Mummies' tomb before being chased by a giant boulder (a Raiders of the Lost Ark reference), race to the oasis in a speedster where he catches a giant fish that swallows a page, and fly in a biplane to the jungle area and rescue some dinosaurs, again getting another page, all from the villain named Sam Sinister, but since his real name was not told in this game, Pepper called him "Mr. Hates". He ventures home on a Pterodactyl arranged by Dr. Kilroy for his trip back.

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