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Central Point Anti-Virus v2.0

Central Point Anti-Virus v2.0
Central Point Anti-Virus v2.0

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Central Point Software


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Release Date: 1/1/1994
Manufacturer: Central Point Software
Central Point Anti-Virus (CPAV) was a DOS-based antivirus program developed by former Central Point Software Inc. (acquired by Symantec Corporation in 1994). It was partly adapted into Microsoft Anti-Virus's DOS and Windows versions (MSAV and MWAV), and merged into Norton Antivirus. CPS had licensed from Carmel Software Engineering in Haifa, Israel. The active defense component of CPAV, VDefend was known as VSafe in MSAV. Carmel Software sold the product as Turbo Anti-Virus both domestically and abroad.

The program was mainly developed by Yuval Sherman and Elie Shappira.

This was the first Windows based version to be released.

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