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VideoWave II

VideoWave II
VideoWave II

SystemWindows 95/98

MGI Software

Windows 95/98

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Release Date: 1/1/1999
Manufacturer: MGI Software
MGI VideoWave II continues to take the unique and innovative approach to PC video that garnered its predecessor wide critical acclaim - a Best of Comdex Finalist, two PC Magazine Editors' Choice Awards, a Win100 Award plus consistent recognition from Windows Magazine on the WinList, and most recently a 1998 PC Computing MVP Finalist Award. By replacing complicated timeline interfaces with its intuitive StoryLine, MGI VideoWave II allows users to focus on the essence of what video is all about-telling a story. The software is packed with powerful editing features that allow the user to create wonder, by quickly and easily applying special effects, titles, transitions, audio tracks and even mixing two clips as one (i.e. chroma keying). Additionally, all of MGI VideoWave II's sophisticated editing capabilities are executed with drag-and-drop, point-and-click simplicity, so the experience of editing videos is as rewarding as the results.

Delivering DV, the Next Wave in Easy PC Video Editing MGI VideoWave II is the first product in its class to offer support for both traditional analogue video capture hardware, USB cameras, and the new, next generation Digital Video (DV) camcorders and PC connection standards (IEEE1394). The software is designed to enable the coexistence and cross-compatibility of both analogue and DV, so the user can work in and with both formats seamlessly, leveraging their investment in their VCR, camcorder and traditional video capture hardware, while moving to the new digital realm.

MGI VideoWave II adds more power behind its innovative StoryLine approach to video editing, making even the most complex functions as simple as a few clicks of the mouse. The software includes new "cutting room" and "darkroom" modes for trimming and refining clips. Twenty-four new transitions have been added for a total of 52. A new six-track stereo audio engine provides more robust audio editing, improved quality and the ability to control a CD ROM for audio recordings. The text titler has been enhanced, and features drop shadows, outlines and anti-aliasing for creating smoother, clearer titles and credits. Moreover, the overall functionality in MGI VideoWave II has been improved for faster performance and better quality results with an improved MPEG engine and MJPEG (Motion JPEG) software decoder.

MGI VideoWave II includes an introductory video and interactive tour that leads users through each of its powerful editing functions, allowing the user to quickly become familiar with all aspects of video editing. The software also ships with useful "theme" video content and animated sequences for users to incorporate into their video productions. Whether capturing baby from her initial crawl to the momentous first steps, the surprise birthday party, or the family vacation, MGI VideoWave II delivers an easy and rewarding experience, with professional results. And it's ideal for business - like adding impact to an important business presentation, creating video-based marketing materials, making training videos or producing video for the Web.

MGI VideoWave II makes it easy to create videos in AVI, MPEG, DV and Web video formats, for playback on computers, the Internet, output back to tape or DV devices. A new Produce Wizard tailors the video production process for both beginners and advanced users, and allows them to define and save production settings in templates for future use. MGI VideoWave II also provides users with better control when playing a video full screen for outputting to a VCR through a TV out card.

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