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SmartWare II v1.5 (Promotional)

SmartWare II v1.5 (Promotional)
SmartWare II v1.5 (Promotional)




Release Date: 1/1/1991
Manufacturer: Informix
Donated By: Ken Letkeman
SmartWare II, by Informix Software, is the updated version of the Smart Software System. It consists of four modules: database, spreadsheet with graphics, word processor, and communications. Each of the modules is powerful enough to be compared to a standalone product in its category. SmartWare II offers a complete selection of powerful features to facilitate the building of complex custom applications and programs. It has been used extensively in companies that develop internal turnkey systems. The package provides Project Processing and a built-in application language with all four modules. Project Processing gives you access to all the SmartWare II commands, as well as over 75 programming commands, and supports programming structures such as IF-ELSE, FOR, and WHILE. You can also define your own functions with Project Processing.

The SmartWare II database more closely resembles a standalone database than any of the other integrated programs. The size of the database is determined by the amount of disk space because SmartWare II writes data to disk as RAM becomes limited. There is a report generator which allows combination of data from up to 100 files in one report and you can design custom data screens that display information from as many as 127 files on one screen. The Query-by-Example feature helps to quickly find specific data simply by selecting a sample of the type of data to extract.

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