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HiJaak Graphics Suite v3.0

HiJaak Graphics Suite v3.0
HiJaak Graphics Suite v3.0

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Release Date: 1/1/1994
Manufacturer: Inset
HiJaak Graphics Suite lets you convert and manipulate graphics in all sorts of formats (19 vector formats, and 33 raster formats for example). It includes:
  • HiJaak Browser
  • HiJaak Pro
  • HiJaak Draw
  • HiJaak TouchUp
  • HiJaak Smugger

User Comments
Richard on Wednesday, December 31, 2014
This was and still is excellent software! way ahead of its time... I used it to run my whole business and I haven't found anything equal to this simple to use program since, as all of the other programs were too complicated, requiring a steep learning curve whereas with this one I hardly cracked open the manual, the process needed by me just flowed easily WITHOUT ANY (AT THAT TIME) GRAPHICAL EXPERIENCE! I haven't really found out completely what this program is capable of doing as I left the graphics industry but I haven't forgotten this excellent program and have recently installed it on my new WINDOWS 7 MACHINE AND IT RUNS FLAWLESSLY without any special Windows 7 compatibility issues! and this was written way back in I994, 20 years ago in the great Windows 95 era! After searching for a replacement which I haven't found as everything is WAY too complicated and confusing, they might be better but if you can't do what you want to do then which is better, this one is!... Too bad that that this company was bought out soon after by I think Oracle way back in 1996 and they just destroyed it immediately making a great graphic industry product with a bright future a worthless kiddy doodling program over night.. I know this since I bought all their upgrades and new versions only to find myself uninstalling them and using the original one.... And as of todays fresh install of HiJaak Graphics suite 3.0 still do, and that Oracle company the one that wrecked this program is gone, disappeared bought out by?
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