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OpenLinux Lite

OpenLinux Lite
OpenLinux Lite

SystemLinux Unix

Caldera Systems

Linux Unix

Release Date: 1/1/1997
Manufacturer: Caldera Systems
Caldera OpenLinux is a defunct Linux distribution that was created by the former Caldera Systems (now SCO Group) corporation. It was the early "business-oriented distribution" and foreshadowed the direction of developments that came to most other distributions and the Linux community generally.

Corsair, a user interface for Netware, was a project founded inside of the Novell corporation within the Advanced Technology Group. Novell wanted an internet desktop and conducted research on how to better and more easily integrate and manage network access for users. The Windows networking support for Novell networks would not be improved until later releases[1] and the internet was dominated by Unix-based operating systems. Relative to their needs, Novell deemed the Unixes of the day were too hardware intensive, too large, and charged too much in license fees.

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