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Magic Sac v4.52

Magic Sac v4.52

SystemAtari ST
Floppy (3.5")5

Data Pacific

Atari ST

Release Date: 9/1/1987
Manufacturer: Data Pacific
The Magic Sac+ is an amazing little product. It virtually turns your ST into a Macintosh. Because of Apple's stringent programming guidelines and their basic philosophy that Macintosh software not be machine dependent, most Mac software runs like a charm on the Magic Sac. In some cases, programs run faster than normal.

Magic Sac comes packaged in a brown paper bag, and consists of a grey cartridge that plugs into the cartridge port of your ST; an ST boot disk; a Macintosh-formatted disk containing file transfer software; and a transfer cable.

But getting the Magic Sac to run is an interesting affair. First, you have to obtain two Apple Macintosh 64K boot ROMS: part numbers 342-0220-A and 342-0221-A, or 342-0220-B and 342-0221-B. These are proprietary chips belonging to Apple Computer, Inc. You must use only original chips; copies, including EPROMS, will not work. If you're lucky, you can obtain the chips from a certified Apple Service Dealer, or any computer store that stocks the Magic Sac. If not, you can still obtain a set of ROMs, through mail order, from B & C Computervisions, 3283 Kifer Road, Santa Clara CA 95051. (408) 749-1003. At worst, you can simply cannibalize a Macintosh!

Once you have the ROMS you need to install them in the Magic Sac. It's simple-just pop open the cartridge, snap the ROMs into the sockets and put the cartridge back together.

Magic Sac v4.52 Floppy (3.5")
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