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PFS: WindowWorks v2.0

PFS: WindowWorks v2.0
PFS: WindowWorks v2.0

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Release Date: 1/1/1993
Manufacturer: Spinnaker
PFS: WindowsWorks is an integrated software package for Windows 3.0 that can do quite a lot. In a package like this, with such a variety of programs, it's important to determine what it can do well and where it falls short.

The package includes a word processor, spreadsheet, chart generator, database, telecommunications program, label maker, and address book. When loaded, WindowWorks sets up its own desktop, opening a document window and displaying an icon for each program module at the bottom of the screen. To switch to a module, you simply double-click on the appropriate icon. While WindowWorks' screens are not as attractive as most Windows applications (for example, in the word processor, buttons are little more than white squares with letters in them), they do provide most of the functions Windows users expect.

When it comes to features, the fully implemented word processor is loaded, sporting a WYSIWYG display, toolbar, ruler, spelling checker, thesaurus, and outline generator. The word processor can even produce a table of contents or an index. As with most Windows word processors, WindowWorks' toolbar provides button and list boxes for changing fonts, font sizes, text attributes, paragraph justification, and text styles. The ruler allows you to manipulate tabs and indents by dragging and clicking with your mouse.

The word processor can easily handle graphics as well as text. To import a graphic, you first copy it into Windows' Clipboard and paste it anywhere in your document. If you place the graphic amid text, the text automatically flows around the graphic.

Like most integrated packages, WindowWorks can share data between its tools. You can, for example, link data from the spreadsheet to a word processor document. However, WindowWorks doesn't support Windows' DDE (Dynamic Data Exchange), opting instead for its own type of object and data linking.

Unfortunately, the word processor is infuriatingly sluggish. If you're a fast typist, you'll spend much time waiting for the display to catch up with you. This sluggishness is especially annoying when you're editing.

WindowWorks' database provides all the tools needed to create and maintain a j database, including a report generator that offers a selection of built-in numerical functions and a query function that can apply logical operators during a search. The database supports five types of fields--character, numeric, date, logical, and memo--that can be formatted in several ways. Buttons at the top of the screen allow you to use a mouse to move forward and backward through a database a record at a time or to jump quickly to the first or last record. Although WindowWorks cannot directly import or export other database formats, it can import or export delimited ASCII files.

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