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Sargon III

Sargon III
Sargon III

SystemApple II
Floppy (5.25")1

Hayden Software

Apple II

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Release Date: 1/1/1987
Manufacturer: Hayden Software
Donated By: Zygmund Wazny
The original SARGON was written by Dan and Kathleen 'Kathe' Spracklen in a Z80-based computer called Wavemate Jupiter III using assembly language through TDL Macro Assembler.

The name was originally written entirely in capitals because early computer operating systems such as CP/M did not support lower-case file names.

Sargon III was a complete rewrite from scratch. Instead of an exchange evaluator, this version used a capture search algorithm. Also included was a chess opening repertoire. This third version was written originally for the 6502 assembler and was commercially published by Hayden Software in 1983. Some years later the couple was contacted by Apple and after a port for 68000 assembly, Sargon III was the first third-party executable software for the Macintosh.

After the demise of Hayden Software, later chess programs were also released under the name Sargon, including Sargon IV (Spinnaker Software), Sargon V (Activision) and a CD-i title simply named Sargon Chess.

This release is copyright 1983 (original) and 1987 (after Hayden was part of Spinnaker). It is also compatible with the IBM PC and PC jr.

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