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Wings Over Europe: Cold War Gone Hot

Wings Over Europe: Cold War Gone Hot
Wings Over Europe: Cold War Gone Hot

SystemWindows XP

Bold Games

Windows XP

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Release Date: 5/24/2006
Manufacturer: Bold Games
Wings Over Europe is a PC game (Combat / Flight Simulator) set during the Cold War era where the USSR has attacked NATO forces in West Germany and thus turned it into a "hot war". The US release of the game is called Wings Over Europe: Cold War Gone Hot, however, the tag line is changed to Wings Over Europe: Soviet Invasion for the European market. The time period covered is 1962 to 1984.

The game includes a wide variety of real jets and weapons from the era which can be employed in various mission types such as Combat Air Patrol, Interception, Close Air Support, Iron Hand, Wild Weasel, and Reconnaissance. The game is based on the Strike Fighters: Project 1 engine and was developed by Third Wire Productions.

In 2009, an updated version for the Windows Vista platform called Strike Fighters 2 Europe was released. The original game, however, is still compatible with Vista and Windows 7.

Wings Over Europe was released in 2006 and was the fourth in a series of "Lite" Flight Simulators. The term "Lite" was applied because they are designed to be relatively easy to learn and play compared to other more hardcore types of flight simulator.

The developer took and improved on its existing Strike Fighters game engine and thus the game was another step forward in terms of quality and game play. The game included better graphics, more planes, improved campaigns, and simulated clouds.

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