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Time To Ride: Saddles & Stables

Time To Ride: Saddles & Stables
Time To Ride: Saddles & Stables

SystemWindows XP


Windows XP

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Release Date: 8/2/2006
Manufacturer: DreamCatcher
The game tells the story of a young girl, who moves from the city to a farm on the country. While she is sad to leave her friends, her father has promised to buy her a horse! Riding and taking care of the horse is the central part of the game, but the game also has an adventure part with a mystery that needs to be solved. Now you can experience all of the thrills and excitement of looking after your own horse, providing it with all of the necessary attention and care that every horse needs. Feed, clean, groom, and brush your horse before taking it out to practice your riding skills.


  • Integrated adventure mode allows you to play through the game while trying to solve a mystery
  • Customize your horse with your favorite features
  • Varied gameplay including Competition, Adventure, Horse Care, and Learning
  • Variety of different horses to own and ride
As Amanda, a young city girl who moves with her family to a farm nestled in the vast countryside, you are sad to leave your friends behind and start a new life in the country. To cheer you up your father promises you a new friend… your very own horse! Experience all of the thrills and excitement of looking after, training, and racing your trusty steed. Learn to feed, clean, groom, and tack your horse, and even buy clothing and accessories! Practice your riding skills and prepare for various dressage and jumping competitions. Get ready to roam free... It's time to ride!
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