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Easy Draw v2.3

Easy Draw v2.3
Easy Draw v2.3

SystemAtari ST
Floppy (3.5")2


Atari ST

Release Date: 3/11/1988
Manufacturer: Migraph
Donated By: Ted Starr
Easy Draw turns the Atari ST into a drawing workstation and produces printed output of first-rate quality. It is not as sophisticated as a true computer-aided drafting (CAD) program, but Easy Draw is excellent for simple drafting tasks such as mechanical drawings and floor plans.

The first "object oriented" drawing program for the Atari ST, Easy Draw uses objects-geometrical shapes such as circular arcs, polylines, and squares-as visual building blocks. You expand, shrink, stretch and stack these blocks to build a final drawing on the screen.

Easy Draw is very similar to the yet unreleased GEM Draw (a program similar to MacDraw on the Apple Macintosh). What sets Easy Draw apart from these other drawing programs is not the program itself, but the end result-a useful, high-quality final printout.

It's also the first program to take advantage of metafiles and G-DOS from Digital Research. These features make Easy Draw potentially capable of very high resolution graphic output to cameras, plotters and other devices once the necessary interfaces become available.

Easy Draw v2.3 Floppy (3.5")
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