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Dragon's Lair

Dragon's Lair

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Release Date: 1/1/1984
Manufacturer: Coleco
Donated By: Ron Coit
Coleco paid a staggering up-front $2 Million dollar fee to license Dragon's Lair for home use. They planned a laser disc add-on system to the Colecovision that would retail for approximately $150. It might have had to use a stylus rather than a laser beam to reduce costs, but they were confident they could do it.

Somewhere along the line they realized it just wasn't going to be affordable or practical to use an actual laser disc, so they opted to create a game based on Dragon's Lair. After all, the $2 Million was already spent! Slaying Dragon The Coleco version actually came in two different forms: the Super Game Pack and the disk version. The disk version comes with a beautiful manual. There are 9 different screens implemented: Skull Hallway,Falling Disk, Skull Hallway, Burning Ropes, Weapons Room, Ramps, Tentacle Room, Checkerboard, Slaying Dragon.

The major difference between this version of the game and most of the others is that the sequence is not predetermined. Although timing is just as critical, the game is actually more interactive. For example, when you are on the Falling Disk screen, an entity appears and actually tries to blow you off the disk. You have to fight back with the joystick. The appearance of this entity and the strength and direction of the wind is random.

There was talk of a Colecovision cartridge version of this game (since it runs on the basic Colecovision hardware) but it was not possible to fit all of the elements into the constraints of a cartridge. You can well imagine how much space it would take to implement all of the levels. Someone did attempt it, and such a cartridge was released in 2012 (although it requires special hardware to run on the Colecovision, or it will run on a stock Adam computer).

Dragon's Lair Digital Data Pack
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