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Pinball Wizard

Pinball Wizard
Pinball Wizard

SystemAtari ST


Atari ST

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Release Date: 1/1/1987
Manufacturer: Accolade
Donated By: Ted Starr
Bright colors are part of the fun of arcade pinball, and Pinball Wizard captures that flavor to the hilt. There are a few set-ups that can be played immediately to learn the mechanics of the game, but the real fun here is creating your own, saving them to a blank disk and then amazing your friends with your creativity.

The game has a parts box containing almost any kind of obstacle you'd want to put on the playfield. A detailed drawing utility, which even includes a magnification option, will give your finished product as much polish as you have patience for. Sections of the construction package help control scoring, bonuses, slope, tilt, speed, elasticity and the number of balls per game.

The games can be played with the keyboard or the mouse, but for real pinball addicts, the keyboard is the only real choice. The finished products will play more like real pinball machines than anything you've ever experienced on computers.

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