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Harrier Combat Simulator

Harrier Combat Simulator
Harrier Combat Simulator

SystemAtari ST
Floppy (3.5")1


Atari ST

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Release Date: 1/1/1986
Manufacturer: Mindscape
Donated By: Ted Starr
Harrier Combat Simulator is a computer game developed by Mindscape for the Atari ST in 1987 along with the MS-DOS PC and the Commodore 64.

The player is the pilot in this Harrier-jet flight simulator. The player must master flying the jet, with its versatile horizontal and vertical thrust capabilities, and learn to control its advanced weaponry as well. The player character is the only jet fighter to survive an attack by saboteurs, and must destroy the enemy headquarters before the Sixth Fleet is destroyed. Most of the missions take place in Grenada; which was undergoing an American-led military invasion during the year 1984.

The game was reviewed in 1988 in Dragon #131 by Hartley, Patricia, and Kirk Lesser in "The Role of Computers" column. The reviewers gave the game 4 out of 5 stars.

Harrier Combat Simulator Floppy (3.5")
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