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Interactive Magic

Windows 95/98

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Release Date: 7/31/1997
Manufacturer: Interactive Magic
Donated By: Ed Moran
Realistic special effecting including Lantirn (Low Altitute Navigation Targeting Infra-Red for Night) and latest air-to-air and air-to-ground radar systems. APG-68 Radar updated to include Raid Cluster Resolution, Ground Vehicle Track (GVT), Fixed Target Track (FTT) , Lantirn Targeting Mode (LTM) as well as normal modes of operation, TWS, STT and ACM. A HUGE range of weapons available including: AGM-65E Laser Guided Maverick Missile, AGM-65G Infra-red guided Maverick Missile, Mk82, Mk83, Mk84 GP and Retarded Boms, CBU-87M Cluster Boms, CBU-89B Mine Dispensers, SUU-30/A External 30mm Cannon Pod, AGM-88A HARM Anti-Radiation Missile, CPU-15 Durandal Anti-Runway Bomb.
iF-22 CD-ROM
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