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Orc Attack

Orc Attack
Orc Attack

SystemAtari 8-Bit

Thorn EMI

Atari 8-Bit

Release Date: 1/1/1983
Manufacturer: Thorn EMI
Orc Attack was a "siege" based game that develops the tactics of Missile Command. It was originally made for the Atari by Creative Sparks in 1983. It was a model for "Tactical & Third Person Shooters".

The idea is to defend a castle from the never-ending marauding orc horde by throwing rocks and pouring boiling oil. Should one of the attackers make it all the way to the ramparts, one can use a sword. An evil sorcerer will also send evil spirits against players and they, as they have nothing else, will have to be put down with more boulders.

For its era, the game had detailed character animations with every sprite having a unique animation for every action. To top off the experience, boulders crashed down with a gratifyingly violent sound. When hit by boulders, the orcs burst with a bloody splatter which was considered to be unnecessarily gory (by the standards of the time) and attracted criticism.

The game became popular enough to be circulated through the embryonic European pirating scene and gained enough of a following to spawn a sequel Orc Attack - The Return on the Amiga platform.

Orc Attack Cartridge
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