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FormTool Deluxe v4.0

FormTool Deluxe v4.0
FormTool Deluxe v4.0

SystemWindows 95/98


Windows 95/98

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Release Date: 1/1/1999
Manufacturer: ValuSoft
FormTool® Deluxe ... It's the shortest distance to the forms you need! FormTool® Deluxe gives you a familiar approach to creating totally new business forms. Start with ready-to-use templates. Tailor them to your needs by simply dropping elements into place. Fill forms electronically, print them out, or send them via e-mail. Versatile FormTool forms complement the applications you use every day. 1. Draw them up! Jump right in. No other forms creation software is easier to use. Start with any of 400 templates that you can easily edit to your exact specifications. Design freely with libraries of commonly used objects. The object palette lets you see all of your options at once, whether individual or grouped elements - just drop them into place! 2. Fill them out! Print your custom forms or fill them on screen. FormTool Deluxe is fast and flexible. Whenever you fill out a new form, auto-increment fields automatically create a new record and assign a unique number - for convenient book-keeping, invoicing, and more. Electronic forms have the power to perform calculations. The information entered into fields can be added, subtracted, multiplied, divided - even applied to if/then scenarios - automatically! 3. Put Them to Use! Collect, extract and share data with incredible ease. FormTool Deluxe is powerful, too. E-mail completed forms. Save them as files that you can attach and send for others to view and print. Save and recall your data. The Report Tutor makes it easy to create information packed reports based upon database information - with your choice of layout. The Label Tutor is a simple wizard that walks you through the creation of labels using information in your database. FormTool Deluxe gets you started right away!
FormTool Deluxe v4.0 CD-ROM
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