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Dragon's Lair (3.5 floppy)

Dragon's Lair (3.5 floppy)
Dragon's Lair (3.5 floppy)

Floppy (3.5")3

Merit Software


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Release Date: 12/15/1989
Manufacturer: Merit Software
Donated By: Ingrid Conrod
Dragon's Lair is a laserdisc video game published by Cinematronics in 1983. It featured animation created by ex-Disney animator Don Bluth.

Most other games of the era represented the character as a sprite, which consisted of a series of pixels displayed in succession. Due to hardware limitations of the era, artists were greatly restricted in the detail they could achieve using that technique; the resolution, framerate and number of frames were severely constrained. Dragon's Lair overcame those limitations by tapping into the vast storage potential of the LaserDisc, but imposed other limitations on the actual gameplay.

The success of the game sparked numerous home ports, sequels and related games. In the 21st century it has been repackaged in a number of formats (such as for the iPhone) as a "retro" or historic game.

This PC version was coded by Julian LeFay, who is also known as the "Father" of the Elder Scrolls series.

Dragon's Lair (3.5 floppy) Floppy (3.5")
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