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Release Date: 1/1/1988
Manufacturer: Spinnaker
Quadralien is a game published in 1988 by Prism Leisure Corporation Plc, Spinnaker Software Corporation, the theme is puzzle-solving, sci-fi / futuristic. It features a strategy genre and uses a top-down perspective.

Quadralien is a very unique action/puzzle hybrid that combines robotic programming with dexterity. The plot is an interesting sci-fi meltdown scenario: Astra, the last and largest of mankind's fission reactors is rapidly breaking down from an invasion by (duh) alien race Quadralien. It is your job to prevent the breakdown of Astra, and find and destroy the Quadralien Mother. The game is played from an effective bird's-eye-view perspective, which allows you to scroll to see the entire level of the reactor. For each level, you must reach a target score by using the droids to perform various functions, such as activate a Geiger scanner, absorb radioactivity, or detonate explosives. There are 6 droids in the game, only 2 of which can be used on any level. The fun and challenge, therefore, is to figure out which droid to use where, since each droid has a different characteristics that make them ideal for a specific environment. The reactor can be shut down only when the core temperature is raised to an appropriate level, and this is accomplished by sending water barrels down chutes or reducing the Entropy level. This means that you must carefully maneuver the droids to move those barrels, while avoiding dangerous objects such as an earthing box which can drain all your droid's power.If it weren't for extremely difficult last levels that are impossible except for those with perfect hand-eye-brain coordination, Quadralien's unique mix of action, logic, and puzzle elements would have earned a Top Dog status. As it stands, though, it's still an immensely enjoyable, addictive action/puzzle mix that is definitely worth a try. Puzzle experts in particular will likely find the game a good challenge. Thumbs up!

Coded and designed by Ian Downend & Paul Carruthers. Music by David Whittaker.

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