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The Train

The Train
The Train

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Release Date: 1/1/1988
Manufacturer: Accolade
The Train: A daring and deadly escape behind enemy lines!

August, 1944. The German stranglehold on Europe is slipping. The liberation of occupied France looms in the horizon. In an effort to escape the advancing Allied forces, the Germans begin a desperate evacuation of men, machinery and spoils of the war.

On the outskirts of Metz, a heavily armed train of the Third Reich sits sweltering in the dead of night. On board lies a secret cargo. Renoirs, Monets, Picassos- the entire plundered art collection of France- are to be smuggled to Berlin under a cover of darkness. Once in Hitler's clutches, these priceless masterpieces could be lost to mankind forever.

Only you can stop it!

In the train, you are a leader in the French resistance. Your mission: capture the armored "war train" and successfully commandeer it through enemy lines for a rendezvous with the Allies at Riviere, Normandy.

With the help of brave corps of resistance fighters, you'll actually engineer a World War II locomotive and engage in some of the most realistic and hostile combat situations ever created for the personal computer. Traps, ambushes and sabotage may await you at any station, any bridge or any crossing. Enemy planes will strafe you in heated pursuit. Gunboats can blast you right off the rails.

The Train. Shovel coal or shovel your own grave.

You and your accomplice must hijack the enemy war train. Wait! The Germans have spotted him! Hold them off with a spray of machine gun fire.

You control an armed World War II locomotive. Open the furnace, shovel coal, adjust the throttle. Blow the whistle to signal the Resistance fighters down the line.

Capture the station. Replenish your coal and water supplies. Intercept the enemy intelligence reports, then telegraph the Resistance forces with new orders.

To the Luftwaffe, an ordinary train is a sitting duck. But yours is anything but ordinary! Riddle the enemy fighter with rounds from your 50mm anti-aircraft gun.

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