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Laing Marketing


Release Date: 1/1/1984
Manufacturer: Laing Marketing
Quadrant Screenshot Quadrant takes place on the planet of Synlac, that is attacked by aliens. The planet is split into four quadrants, each patrolled by a volunteer. One of these is Boris, the player character, who controls the Northern Quadrant. Now he must defend the planet from the aliens.

You take control of Boris, who is running on the ground. Above are the flying aliens swarming around him. At the same time as he has to avoid being hit by alien fire, he also have jumping over the craters that appear in the terrain. The game contains of four skill levels. If Boris survive all eight waves of aliens he will advance to the next level, representing another quadrant of the planet. For each killed alien he will be awarded 50 points. The points increase with every level. The screen constantly scrolls from left to right, and the player can choose to increase or decrease the speed of Boris.

Originally released by Romik Software in 1983.

Quadrant Cassette
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