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LipStik Plus

LipStik Plus
LipStik Plus
Access Software

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Release Date: 11/1/1988
Manufacturer: Access Software
Donated By: J. Allan Farquharson
The LipStik Plus is a revolutionary idea in game control that adds a new dimension of excitement and realism to joystick operated programs. The LipStik Plus is a voice activated control headset and is used with your joystick to enhanced and expand your game playing enjoyment. Because it is so simple and doesn't require additional interface software, the control headset works with thousands of existing games. Virtually 95% of all games that use a joystick are compatible with the The LipStik Plus.

The LipStik plus brings new life to games you have grown tired of playing and makes playing your favorite ones even more exciting. No other control device gives you the sense of being there, right in the middle of the action! Use the headset with your stick gives you a greater feeling of power and control. The first time you use it with your favorite game you'll know what we mean. You will find yourself more absorbed in the action than you ever thought possible!

Model 1051.

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