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Dumb and Dumber (Movie CD)

Dumb and Dumber (Movie CD)
Dumb and Dumber (Movie CD)


Sirius Publishing


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Release Date: 1/1/1995
Manufacturer: Sirius Publishing
Donated By: Retro Replay
When best friends Lloyd Christmas and Harry Dunne both get fired, Lloyd convinces Harry to travel to Colorado to search for his dream woman, Mary Swanson. Little does Lloyd know that Mary's in Aspen trying to find her kidnapped husband. Soon the two have gotten mixed up in the crime, and their wacky exploits are leading the FBI straight to the crooks. The Farrelly Brothers are at the peak of their twisted craft with this gutbusting comedy.

This two-part CD-ROM plays back the entire movie WITHOUT special hardware on your PC! Supports Windows 95 and Windows 3.1.

Dumb and Dumber (Movie CD) CD-ROM
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