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Expert Gamer
Expert Gamer


Ziff Davis

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Release Date: 12/1/1998
Manufacturer: Ziff Davis
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Expert Gamer (often abbreviated to XG) was a United States-based video game magazine that was published by Ziff Davis from August 1998 to October 2001. There are 39 issues of Expert Gamer in total. The bulk of XG's content was video game strategy guides and cheat codes. There were no reviews and only occasional light-hearted features.

This issue contains a walkthrough of The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time as well as strategies for Turok 2, Pokemon, Xenogears, Medievil, Silicon Valley, GameDay 99, Soul Calibur, Madden 99, Tenchu and Ninja.


This magazine is currently interactive in the Museum.

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