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Mind Run

Mind Run
Mind Run




Release Date: 1/1/1990
Manufacturer: Crealude
Donated By: Diane Reader Jones
Mind Run is a mental training game that is made up of a number of tests that are divided into four different categories:
  • Memory: A number of objects are shown on the screen and after the press of a button changes are made. The player then has to answer a question, for example which object is new or which one is in the same position as before.
  • Stress: A number of numbers or letters are shown while different ones are spoken. The player has to answer a question about the symbols shown without being disturbed by what the speaker says. Some other mini games exist including a typing game where the on-screen keyboard layout keep changing while the player types and another one that involves guiding a ladybug by pressing the right buttons.
  • Sounds: A sequence of sounds is played that the player has to answer questions about. For example which instrument is played, which sound was not played and which sounds were repeated.
  • Reflexes: A number of icons connected by lines are shown. The player is asked to find icons that match each other and are on the same line. There is also a similar variant where blue and green icons of the same kind has to be matched and one where the player has to locate twin clowns.
In each activity there are forty questions or tasks and for each one that's successfully answered the player earns points. The number of points earned depends on which of the five difficulty levels is chosen. All tasks have to be completed before the time runs out.
Mind Run CD-ROM
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