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Apple IIe Programmer's Reference Guide

Apple IIe Programmer's Reference Guide
Apple IIe Programmer's Reference Guide



Apple II

Release Date: 1/1/1984
Manufacturer: Sams
Author: David L. Heisermann
The Apple IIe Programmer's Reference Guide is for every Apple user. Just as the level of skill and experience varies with each individual reader, so do the subjects covered within this book. We begin with the basics; a discussion of the main features of the system including:
  • How to setup a system
  • Some general rules and procedures
  • A survey of the BASIC statements, commands and functions
For those readers who have some experience with BASIC programming, it covers:
  • The finer points of text formatting
  • Color graphics
  • Advanced disk operations
The more advanced programmer can turn directly to the:
  • Descriptions of memory mapping
  • 6502 machine-language programming techniques
Since this book is organized according to the level of know-how and skill, a reader may begin at his/her present level and advance at an individually set pace. As your capabilities increase, you can continue to the more advanced chapters.


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