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COMPUTE!'s First Book of Apple

COMPUTE!'s First Book of Apple
COMPUTE!'s First Book of Apple



Apple II

Release Date: 1/1/1984
Manufacturer: Compute!
Author: Various
What is the connection between cavern exploration, weather forecasting, and writing a term paper? All can be done on your Apple computer and COMPUTE!'s First Book of Apple shows you how. From exciting games and educational programs to home applications, programming techniques, graphics routines, and even music and sound, COMPUTE!'s First Book of Apple offers a collection of outstanding Apple programs from past issues of COMPUTE! magazine. Here's just a sample of what you'll find inside:
  • "Astrostorm," a fast-paced arcade game where you pilot a vital supply ship through a perilous storm of asteroids.
  • "Caves of Ice," a game that challenges you to escape TI from a multidimensional cavern.
  • "Letter and Number Play" and "Snertle," two educational games for young children.
  • "Home Energy Calculator" and "Utility Bill Audit," two programs designed to help you save money.
  • "Weather Forecaster," an accurate forecasting package that uses many of the same techniques employed by professional meteorologists.
  • "Chemistry Lab," a program that teaches basic chemistry with a colorful, animated display.
  • "Apple Sounds," innovative programs that let you create " sound effects or compose and play music on your computer.
  • "The Apple Hi-Res Painter," a complete drawing package with an impressive catalog of commands.
  • "Spiralizer," a routine that creates complex and captivating screen displays.
  • And much, much more.
Each program has been thoroughly tested, and all are ready to type in and run. Many can be easily customized, allowing you to tailor their operation to your own needs. COMPUTE!'s First Book of Apple is sure to have something for every Apple owner. It will make an already versatile computer more exciting than ever before.


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