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Moons of Jupiter

Moons of Jupiter
Moons of Jupiter


Laing Marketing


Release Date: 1/1/1985
Manufacturer: Laing Marketing
Moons of Jupiter is a variant of the arcade game Asteroids. The player is in command of a fleet of destroyers and the task is to blast a passage through Jupiter's moons. One destroyer is in action at a time and the player controls it like in any other game of its kind, with one key being used for thrust and two additional being used to rotate the craft. The moons move around the screen and have to be shoot before they collide with the space ship and will then split into smaller ones. The player has five lives and an extra one is awarded upon clearing the screen. In addition to the moons there are UFOs and the indestructible gologs to watch out for.
Moons of Jupiter Cassette
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