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Garden Wars

Garden Wars
Garden Wars




Release Date: 1/1/1982
Manufacturer: Commodore
Donated By: Rick Madge
Garden Wars is a fast paced, single-screen 8-way maze shooter, similar to Berzerk. Your goal? Earn as many points as possible by shooting and collecting stuff in a static, fixed-screen maze.

However, the game is original due to the variety of on-screen stuff. There are some monsters which you need to shoot, and which will kill you. There are flashing items you need to pick up (for points only); if you accidentally shoot them (which will happen due to the speed of the game), they will disappear and reappear elsewhere. Finally, there are small yellow spider eggs which, if not destroyed, will hatch small yellow spiders, and these spiders will, if not destroyed, finally evolve into blue spiders, which you can not destroy, only paralyze for a while. From

Garden Wars was designed and developed by Rick Madge, and was an evolution of an ASCII game he had originally developed on the PET. It is one of the first commercial video games developed in Canada.

Our copy is autographed by Rick Madge.

Garden Wars Cartridge


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