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Castle Wolfenstein

Castle Wolfenstein
Castle Wolfenstein

SystemCommodore 64
Floppy (5.25")1

Muse Software

Commodore 64

Release Date: 1/1/1983
Manufacturer: Muse Software
"World War II rages across Europe. Castle Wolfenstein is occupied by the army of the Reich and converted into battlefront headquarters. you have been captured and brought to the Castle for interrogation by the dreaded SS.

Your new mission: Find the Nazi war plans and escape Castle Wolfenstein alive!"

Includes: 5.25 floppy disk, instruction manual all in original box.

"Castle Wolfenstein is an action adventure game from MUSE demanding fast thinking and quick manual response. Use game paddles, joystick, or your computer keyboard.

Trivia: Castle Wolfenstein was the inspiration for the game 'Wolfenstein 3D' by id Software, which helped popularize the first-person shooter genre on the PC. Fans of the original game now call it "Wolfenstein 2D" to differentiate it from id's game.

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