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Upper Reaches of Apshai

Upper Reaches of Apshai
Upper Reaches of Apshai

SystemCommodore 64
# of Media2


Commodore 64

Release Date: 1/1/1981
Manufacturer: Epyx
"Upper Reaches of Apshai is an Expansion module for the 'Temple of Apshai' (this software requires the game program Temple of Apshai)"

"For the true Temple of Apshai aficionado, The Upper Reaches of Apshai is the first in a series of expansion dunjons for the award winning 'Temple'. The Upper Reaches has four fun levels and over 150 rooms, gardens, berry patches and caverns...Be warned though, The Upper reaches of Apshai is NOT a complete game, you MUST have Temple of Apshai to play."

Game Contents: Book of Lore, Data files for your Temple of Apshai program, 2 cassettes.

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