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Timex Sinclair 2068

Timex Sinclair 2068

Speed3.58 MHz
Memory48 KB

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Release Date: 11/1/1983
Manufacturer: Timex
Original Retail Price:
Adjusted Inflation Price:
A re-engineered version of the Sinclair Spectrum (available only in Europe) the 2068 had some additional features such as an 8K Extension ROM, cartridge port and so on. Released in the Fall of 1983, this was a last ditch effort of Timex to regain profitability before folding and closing its doors in the Spring of 1984. This budget machine was priced at only $199 US and contained 48 KB of RAM and ran a 3.58 MHz Z80A microprocessor. The BASIC language was built in and for the most part, the 2068 was compatible with Spectrum software making a huge library instantly available (with the ROM based emulation cartridge which was included with most machines).

User Comments
Dane S. on Tuesday, June 12, 2012
I bought one of these machines when they first came out in Nov/Dec of 1983. I payed around $199.99 plus tax, at Hills stores. I was so glad that I found it in Hills. I had to call my local post office where I live and tell them to take out a check that I had mailed to Timex Corp. for $249.99 plus shipping. Good little computer for it's time. I still have two of them, and they still are in good condtion.
Stephen Young on Wednesday, September 23, 2009
I bought one of these just before Timex gave up, and by the time I received it, there was an accompanying partial reimbursement cheque along with the machine, as the selling price had dropped off! I still have it and do power it up once a year or so.
Silvio on Friday, February 13, 2009
Well, the cartridge was not entirely a copy of the ZX Spectrum ROM. The initial bytes contained some mapping information in terms of "chunks" of memory. I still remember an article in a magazine from 1986 detailing how to build your own emulation cartridge from a Spectrum ROM.
Jay M. on Wednesday, July 18, 2007
Incorporating features such as sound, color graphics, a tactile keyboard and a cartridge slot, the TS2068 was a terrific advancement from its predecessor, the Timex Sinclair 1000. Having spent many hours programming the TS1000, upgrading to the TS2068 was a dream come true.
Justin on Wednesday, March 14, 2007
Actually, that information about compatibility isn't exactly true. In order to get the 97% compatibility with the ZX-Spectrum line, one needed to purchase an "emulator" cartridge. This cartridge was nothing more than a 48k Speccy ROM chip soldered onto a cartridge.
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