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Spinrite II

Spinrite II
Spinrite II

Floppy (3.5")1

Gibson Research


Release Date: 10/1/1989
Manufacturer: Gibson Research
SpinRite is a program that helps solve hard disk problems. After SpinRite's first 18 months in the marketplace, SpinRite II was developed to respond to all of the feedback that was received from the customers. SpinRite needed to operate upon drive partitions larger than 32 megabytes (Way back then, MS-DOS only ran on partitions smaller than 32 megabytes!) and to advance SpinRite's core technologies on several fronts.

SpinRite II allows the use of BIOS-extending device drivers, provides enhanced reporting, and incorporates many special handlers for whacky and weird hard disk controllers. SpinRite II is much more compatible with the exploding market for personal computing mass storage.

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