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IBM DOS 3.30

IBM DOS 3.30
IBM DOS 3.30

Floppy (5.25")2



Release Date: 4/1/1987
Manufacturer: IBM
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PC DOS 3.3 - April 1987 – support for IBM PS/2: 1.44 MB floppy disk drives, added codepage support (international character sets). COMMAND.COM is 25307 bytes. The Reference Manual explains how to use IBM DOS 3.30 Information is provided on how to:
  • Refer to DOS files
  • Prepare your fixed disk for DOS
  • Use directories to organize your disks
  • Use redirection, piping, and filters with standard input and output
  • Using DOS Commands
  • Creating and editing files with the Line Editor EDLIN
The Reference Manual is organized into chapters that contain:
  • Introduction
  • File Specifications
  • Preparing your Fixed Disk
  • Configuring Your System
  • Using Tree-structured Directories
  • Standard Input-Output
  • DOS Commands
  • The Line Editor (EDLIN)
  • Code Page Switching
  • Country and Keyboard Codes
  • Code Page Tables
  • Messages, Keyboard Templates and more
The User's Guide provides step-by-step procedures that teach you how to use DOS:
  • Installing DOS for the first time
  • Starting DOS for everyday use
  • Preparing a fixed disk for use with DOS
  • Organizing files on a fixed disk
  • Getting a diskette ready to use
  • Copying a diskette or a file
  • Comparing two diskettes or files
  • Finding out what is on a diskette or fixed disk
  • Looking at a file
  • Changing a file name
  • Removing a file from a diskette or a fixed disk and more
The Quick Reference Card gives you quick, high-level information about:
  • DOS Editing Keys
  • Typing a DOS Command
  • Batch Commands
  • DOS Commands
  • EDLIN Commands
  • DEBUG Commands
  • CONFIG.SYS Commands
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