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Synertek SYM Model 1

Synertek SYM Model 1

Speed1 MHz
Memory1 KB

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Release Date: 1/1/1978
Manufacturer: Synertek
Original Retail Price:
Adjusted Inflation Price:
Donated By: John Bos
The Synertek SYM Model 1 computer is "one of the most versatile and sophisticated single-board computers available", "an ideal introduction to the expanding world of microprocessor technology as well as a powerful development tool for design of microcomputer-based systems."

It is a simple computer systems made from basic hardware and software components. Best uses include learning to program, simple machine control, and sensor monitoring.

The SYM-1 is similar to the KIM-1, another single board computer (SBC) which was released by MOS two years earlier, in 1976.

While more advanced than the KIM-1, the SYM-1 was designed to use the same peripheral cards and data storage protocols for compatibility reasons. (from

The SYM that is here at the museum is housed inside of a custom case built by its original owner (drafting plans included) and is interfaced to a full size external keyboard. They original keypad has been extended out to an easier to use keypad that is full stroke. In order to use the full size keyboard however, you must load or key in the boot code to get the keyboard driver running! Sitting down for a session with the SYM meant a more serious time committment than users are used to today.

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