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GEOS 128

GEOS 128
GEOS 128

SystemCommodore 128

Berkeley Softworks

Commodore 128

Release Date: 1/1/1987
Manufacturer: Berkeley Softworks
"The new operating system standard for the Commodore 128 Computer"

"GEOS (Graphic Environment Operating System) comes to the C128! This sophisticated graphic interface with menus, icons, windows, and an integrated disk Turbo delivers power, speed, performance and ease-of-use, plus 80 column resolution.

includes features such as;
- deskTop
- geoPaint
- geoWrite
- Desk Accessories
Plus support for Over 70 popular printers, 1571/1581 disk drives, 1750 RAM expansion unit.

System Requirements: Commodore 128, 1541 or 1571 disk drive, mouse or joystick. *80 Column resolution requires 80 column RGBI monitor. Color in 40 column mode only.

"Welcome to a whole new world for the Commodore 128 Computer"

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