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Packard Bell PB286NB

Packard Bell PB286NB

Speed12 MHz
Memory1024 KB
Hard Drive21  MB

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Release Date: 5/1/1991
Manufacturer: Packard Bell
Original Retail Price:
Adjusted Inflation Price:
Donated By: Jon Paddon
If the PB286NB can be singled out for praise, it must be for its sharp LCD display. The VGA-compatible resolution of 640 X 480 maps 16-color applications to 16 shades of gray. A 256-color video mode will map to 32 shades of gray, giving you a clear view of even your most advanced graphics applications.

Expandability must also play a role in a well-designed mobile system. Packard Bell has built into the PB286NB the capabilities for attaching external options like a mouse, a keypad, an external keyboard, an external monitor, and an external floppy drive. The traditional parallel and serial ports and the usual external bus connector (for connecting an external chassis that can hold two AT-class interface cards) round out the expansion options.

All of the ports are concealed behind hinged television-style doors that pop open at the press of a finger. Although I like the look and operation of this design, I have reservations about its stability. Small hinges and quick-release doors don't hold up on the road too well. Sliding covers made of high-quality plastics and possessing fewer parts tend to hold up much better.

Written by Peter Scisco

User Comments
D. Farrell on Saturday, March 28, 2015
I have a PackardBellPB286 in good condition- was still in good working order when last used many years ago and has been carefully stored. Of course the battery was not holding charge well. It was not used much and I believe I still have a manual and a print out of manual from hard drive, as well as MS-DOS Guide. I have seen on-line that it was usually MS-DOS 3.3, but I think mine has MS-DOS 5.something. Live about 3 hrs N of Museum, but hope to make arrangements to drop it off on 1 of my trips to Cambridge.
Kenneth Roberts on Sunday, July 10, 2011
I have a Packard Bell Acel1 8/12 Mhz. 286, and it still works fine. I still use it almost everyday.
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