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Apple Macintosh LC III

Apple Macintosh LC III

Speed25 MHz
Memory4 MB
Hard Drive80  MB

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Release Date: 2/10/1993
Manufacturer: Apple
Original Retail Price:
Adjusted Inflation Price:
Donated By: Jon Paddon
The LC and LC II had both been brave attempts to create low cost Macintoshes that were within the reach of everybody. From a cost perspective they were great. From a technical perspective they definitely weren't. Both machines had used 32-bit processors the 68020 in the case of the LC; the 68030 in the LC II but had run them on 16-bit data buses, effectively crippling them before either ever left the drawing board. There were also problems with memory, as both machines used the older 30 pin SIMMs and had a memory ceiling of just 10 MiB. If the new LC III was going to be given a warm welcome, it was going to have to address a lot of issues.

Amongst these was the small matter of the crippled data bus/CPU that had been at the heart of the LC's performance issues both machines did run awfully with Apple actually making the effort to solve the problem, this time around. Not only would the LC III run the venerable Motorola 68030 at a speedy 25 MHz, it would also couple it with a proper 32-bit data bus at last the CPU could show what it was capable of. This already was a massive bonus for buyers, but Apple didn't stop there, and looked into resolving the issue of RAM: the twin 30-pin SIMM slots gave way to a single 72-pin slot. It might have been one slot less, but users could now expand their machines up to a far healthier 36 MiB (the machine still came with 4 MiB of on board RAM).

Apple had also finally got the message and looked into improving the on board video. The LC and LC II had both been limited to 512 KiB of VRAM (allowing, at best, 640480 in 256 colours), but the LC III came with 512 KiB VRAM pre-installed and the option to upgrade to 768 KiB allowing for a resolution of up to 832624 in 65,536 (16-bit) colours. The same went for the expansion slot, with the original LC PDS slot being replaced by a new, 'enhanced' (LC III) PDS slot.

Given all of this, Apple could have been forgiven for increasing the list price of the new machine b

User Comments
Eric3 on Monday, August 24, 2009
That must be a later variety of the LCIII, because the one I have looks more like the LC, as depicted here: .
Wade on Thursday, June 4, 2009
I have a AppleMac LC III complete with monitor, key board, printer, books and the original box. I bought it in college and just bought a Macbook. If anyone is interested in buying the LC III, please contact me. My name is Wade and my email address is
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