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Commodore 1541-II

Commodore 1541-II

Release Date: 6/1/1988
Manufacturer: Commodore
Donated By: H. Jarvis
The Commodore 1541-II is the second of two upgraded versions of the CBM 1541 (the first upgrade was the 1541C) disk drive. The 1541-II has the more modern 'radial handle' locking mechanism.

This disk drive connects to the Commodore 64 (or 128) and is a single-sided 170 kilobyte drive for 5" disks.

The disk drive uses Group Code Recording (GCR) and contains a MOS 6502 microprocessor, doubling as a disk controller and on-board disk operating system processor. The number of sectors per track varied from 17 to 21 (an early implementation of Zone Bit Recording). The drive's built-in disk operating system is CBM DOS 2.6.

Use of "flippy disks", which were double-sided disks converted by cutting/punching a notch on the left-hand side, would give access to the reverse side of the disks and effectively double the storage capacity. The notch could be made with a knife, single hole paper punch, or "disk notcher" tool that was specifically designed for this task.

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