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IBM PC Server 325

IBM PC Server 325

Speed200 MHz
Memory32 MB

What's this?


Release Date: 1/1/1997
Manufacturer: IBM
Donated By: Paul Williams
This machine uses a Pentium Pro processor and is specifically model 8639-E80. Museum surfer Mike Baldwin offered some insight into a similar machine that he had:

This was sold by IBM as a P/390, and because it has a mainframe board installed (with its own 128 MB RAM), it is capable of running an old mainframe operating system called OS/390 (and can also run VM and VSE operating systems).

Actually it is also technically capable of running older releases of a modern mainframe operating system such as z/OS, but that is illegal. The newer but expiring system is an xSeries server running Linux or Unix, and mainframe emulation software. The expiry is due to very messy legal problems between IBM and a couple of other companies.

Basically you can only get an IBM mainframe from IBM now, and there is no "personal" size (although real ones are only the size of one or two server racks today). Before the legal problems, and actually on a few remaining systems, you could run a mainframe operating system on a ThinkPad.

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