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Blades of Steel

Blades of Steel
Blades of Steel

SystemCommodore 64
Floppy (5.25")1


Commodore 64

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Release Date: 1/1/1990
Manufacturer: Konami
"Introducing the hardest hitting hockey action you'll ever face...Unless you're drafted by the pros! Finally speed, guts, instinct and raw physical talent are the deciding factors in a game designed to simulate all pro championship caliber hockey."

- Simultanious play for two players or against the computer
- Two categories of play; exhibition, Season and the Konami tournament mode
- Three levels of difficulty; Junior, College and Pro
- All the elements of the worlds hardest hitting sport; passing, checking, slap shooting, fighting, goal tending and pentalty shots.

5.25 floppy disk, instructions all in original box.

Blades of Steel Floppy (5.25")
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