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Apple eMate 300

Apple eMate 300

Speed25 MHz
Memory1024 KB
Hard Drive2  GB

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Release Date: 3/7/1997
Manufacturer: Apple
Original Retail Price:
Adjusted Inflation Price:
Donated By: Ian Raymond
The Apple eMate 300, designed for the education market, features a 25 MHz ARM 710a processor, 8 MB of ROM, 3 MB of RAM (1MB of DRAM, 2 MB of Flash Memory for user storage), a PCMCIA slot, IrDA-beaming capabilities, and a Newton InterConnect port for multiple connectivity options, in a translucent aquamarine and black "clamshell" portable case with a 480x320 16-shade grayscale backlit LCD display for use with either a provided stylus or the built-in keyboard. The eMate is the only Newton model to resemble a traditional laptop rather than a handheld, but had the Newton line continued, additional models would have likely followed. Please note that eMate is technically not a 'Mac', as it does not operate the MacOS, and instead uses the NewtonOS (also developed by Apple). From
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