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Speed20 MHz
Memory4 MB
Hard Drive170  MB

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Release Date: 1/1/1990
Manufacturer: IBM
Donated By: Paul Oddi
The PS/1 marked the return of IBM to the consumer computer market a full five years after the disaster of the PCjr. Although it has some strange design decisions (the power supply is inside the monitor making 3rd party monitors impossible and the machine useless if there was an issue inside the monitor) the machine still met with pretty decent success and was around until 1994 when it was replaced by the more market name friendly ‘Aptiva’ line. The machine came with a 10 MHz 80286 processor and 1MB of RAM as standard and this one includes the 30MB optional hard drive. One other interesting point of interest is that DOS is actually built into ROM in this machine.

User Comments
Anonymous on Friday, November 11, 2011
The PS/1 line was around until 1994 but not the PS/1 shown here. The models circa 93/94 had conventional PC designs with a separate display and case.
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