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Turbo Load and Save (Better Working)

Turbo Load and Save (Better Working)
Turbo Load and Save (Better Working)

SystemCommodore 64


Commodore 64

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Release Date: 1/1/1986
Manufacturer: Spinnaker
TURBO LOAD AND AVE cartridge turbocharges the loading and saving process by as much as 500%. Just plug it into the cartridge port of your Commodore computer and it will load your disks with speed and ease. In fact the longer your program, the more improvement you'll see.

And, unlike other fast load cartridges, TURBO LOAD AND SAVE saves data to disks five times faster as well. No other fast load cartridge offers this feature - or even comes close. Whether you're saving text for word processing, numbers for spreadsheets, records for your database or code for your programs, the fast save feature will help you as much as the load load feature does.

But that's just for starters. With TURBO LOAD AND SAVE you can eliminate the drudgery from disk operations with fast back-up, fast copy and fast format. And finally, programmers will enjoy the powerful and time-saving disk oriented commands of BASIC 4.0 which add power and flexibility to programs.

The TURBO LOAD AND SAVE cartridge works with most programs, even copy protected ones including the most popular computer games. So why test your patience waiting for programs to load and save? Turbocharge them with TURBO LOAD AND SAVE!

  • Loads programs from disk up to 500% faster!
  • Saves data to disk 500% faster!
  • Copies and formats 500% faster!
  • Easy to use, just plug into your computer!
  • Includes power and time-saving disk commands of BASIC 4.0
  • Single commands allow you to easily and quickly list directories, copy, format and organize disks!
Includes cartridge, manual, original box, catalog and registration card.

The manual is available here for your enjoyment.

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